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5:55 AM

To Dream a Dream

Posted by Scholar

And he(Yosef) dreamt another dream Genesis 37:9

Yosef's brothers hated him after he told them his first dream so why did he continue to relate the other dream?

The Gemora in Brochas 55B says what we dream at night is what we thought about during the day. Yosef's first dream spoke about how they all worked the field but nevertheless Yosef would be the richest and that the other brothers would bow down to him. They were upset as they thought this was what he was thinking about during the day.
Yosef wanted to prove to his brothers their thoughts were wrong and that his first dream was an act from heaven and not his day time dreaming. His second dream(about his mother bowing down to him) was impossible, just like this was impossible for him to think about during the day so to the first dream was not what he thought about during the day.
After the second dream the brothers realize they were in fact from heaven and this caused them to become jealous.


Yosef dreams represented both the spiritual and physical world. Thats why Yosef brothers were mad at him, its worst enough to be a master over somebody but to be a master on both worlds - thats really bad


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