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11:30 AM

Yosef and the Dreams

Posted by Scholar

The butler returned to his position and the baker was hung... Bereishis 40:22 

What clue in their dreams led Yosef to his interpretation?

Yosef looked carefully at the dreams. In the dream of the butler he saw the butler doing things(holding Pharoahs cup, squeezing grapes...), since one can only perform things when one is alive so to Yosef saw life with the butler.

But with regards to the baker who said "on my head were baskets of bread  and a bird was eating from it." The dream was lacking human activity(such as baking etc or even chasing the bird away). A bird is usually afraid of a person and will not come near food by a person.
Yosef said to the baker that since the bird didn't consider him(the baker) alive so to your dreams indicate that Pharoah will soon end your life.


Dina said...

Being inactive symbolized death for the baker while actions showed that the butler would live...
Consequently, we can deduce that every human act validates our "living" state...makes me wonder-
Am I proud of the actions Ive done to validate me as a unique individual in G-d's world...
Are my actions deserving of symbolizing the gift of human life...?

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