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11:36 PM

Hashem Guards Us

Posted by chanie

This probably isn't my chiddush, and I don't know who said it originally. But nevertheless, it's an interesting point.

If you look at the passuk, 'שומר ה' את כל אוהביו ואת כל הרשעים ישמיד' (Hashem guards all those who love Him, and will destroy all the evildoers), you notice something interesting. The first part of the passuk talks in present tense, that Hashem is guarding those who love Him, now, at this moment. The second part, however, speaks in future tense, saying that Hashem will destroy the wicked.

This is a reference and a comfort for us, in order that we should know that Hashem is guarding us now, but that only in the future, when Moshiach comes, will the evildoers be completely destroyed.May it be soon


Anonymous said...

That is really good to know but why will they only be punished when Moshiach comes? Are the righteous meant to suffer till then?

chanie said...

They are punished now, as well. What this verse is saying is that they will only be completely destroyed when Moshiach comes.

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