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10:11 PM

Yosef and the Dreams 2

Posted by chanie

The butler returned to his position and the baker was hung... Bereishis 40:22

In their dreams, the butler and the baker were each doing different things. The baker was standing, baskets on his head, while the birds pecked at the bread. The butler was squeezing grapes, and handing the cup to the king.

How did Yosef know who was destined to live and who to die? Yosef knew that the baker would die, because anyone who can stand and let birds peck at bread that was baked for the king is irresponsible and not a proud servant, nor a reliable one. On the other hand, one who takes pains to do his work properly, and then hands it to the king himself, will become a favorite who is pardoned, even if he messes up.

This is how Yosef knew who would live. And this is the way we need to serve Hashem, the King of kings.


Laurie said...

What about the concept of a second chance? Why didn't the baker get a second chance to repent and thereby live?

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