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12:03 AM

Chanuka Gelt

Posted by Scholar

Many of the things we do in life are done because its a custom, when asked why we do tem we reply "well my grandparents used to do it." Here is to helping shed some light into the custom of giving Chanuka Gelt or Chanuka money.

  • One of the reasons we give children Chanuka money is to encourage them to use some of this money towards Tzedoka/charity. 
  • The Rambam provides us with a slightly deeper reson for this custom. He writes that the Greeks defiled not only the Holy Temple and its vessels(it's oil etc) but they also strove to defile the possessions of the Jews. They desired to infuse Jewish possession with their foreign ideas. Our Chanuka gelt shows freedom of how we can channel our possessions and use it towards spirituality.


Adam said...

Often we do something without understanding why or the reasons behind it. Thank you for sharing this!

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