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Yaakov's small jars

Posted by Scholar

And Yaakov(Jacob) was left alone 32:25 

Rashi the famous Torah commentator(1040-1105) says that Yaakov forgot small jars that he went back to fetch but Rashi doesn't mention which jars he forgot.

In Israel if a Jew should notice spots on his wall he had to contact a Cohen(priest) who would come and examine the house to see if it was defiled. The Cohen instructs a person to remove all objects from inside the house and the only would the Cohen declare it defiled. The reason is that the Torah doesn't want the contents of the house defiled and unfit to be used.

From this rule the Zohar learns an important lesson: If Hashem is so concerned that even small jars should not be defiled ow much more so a Talmid Chacham(Torah scholar) be careful not to endanger himself and walk alone. He should always have two people accompany him.

When Rashi taught his students the story of Yaakov remaining alone and being attacked by the angel of Eisav, they asked "why was Yaakov alone?" Rashi told his students that obviously Yaakov forgot the Zohar's lesson(for a moment) that a Torah scholar has to derive from Hashems concern even over small jars. Consequently, he went out alone and was in great danger.


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