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1:17 AM

Envy of Spirituality

Posted by Scholar

In Ethics of our fathers(Pirkei Avos) Chapter 2:13, Rabbi Eliezer says that a good eye is the good path to which a man must cling.

We are taught that one should not be jealous and this is whats being implied here, the good eye is not the evil eye which is one of jeaousy. We should look at what others have in the physical and be happy for them and not desire it, we should desire what we have. We are taught earlier in Ethics of our fathers that a rich person is one who is happy with their portion in the world and doesn't complain about what they "lack".

A question is asked, can one be jealous of the Torah knowledge of another? Seemingly this would be a good thing as it might lead the person to study harder to reach higher. The Chiddushei HaRim(1st Gerre Rebbe 1799-1866) said that one should not be envious of someone elses knowledge of Torah or their righteousness just like one should not envy the material matters of another.


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