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Combining Torah and Work

Posted by Scholar

In Pirkei Avos Chapter 2 Mishna 2 it brings down a statement from the famous Rabban Gamliel who was the son of Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi(Judah the prince who compiled the Mishna) that it is good to combine Torah study with an occupation. He also mentions Torah without employment will in the end cease. Whats the reason for this?

When a person accepts employment they also accept all the rules of that company, he/she must arrive on time, not waste time etc.. The same applies to Torah, we must be diligent with our studies, be strict with our starting time and schedule and with total dedication. If we think along those lines then our studies shall be met with success.


Adam said...

Wasn't it true that most of the Sages from the Talmud worked and studied?

I am going to try and focus my learning along those lines, start small and grow from there

Thank you!!

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